Youth Programs

Ready to take the next step? Become a contributor to our cause, or participate yourself. These programs provide a pathway to a more constructive lifestyle and avenue to learn practical, educational, work & life skills...

Project Management

Throughout 2010 to 2013 OTSS designed, delivered and co-ordinated 'Healthy Communities' Programs for the Cradle Coast Authority within Council regions across the NW & West Coasts of Tasmania...

What can OTSS do for you and your business?

OTSS has a wide range of business and individual services. We provide Youth Programs and Employability Programs, Program Coordination, Event Management, Project Management, Training and Employment Solutions, Career Advice and Sports Marketing. OTSS designs, delivers and co-ordinates Employability Programs across the NW Coast of Tasmania. The Programs aim to educate people not in the paid work-force in relation to employability skills, interview techniques, job seeking skills and workplace behaviours, time management, OH&S, budgeting and goal setting. Ultimately creating a pathway to employment or further training and education. OTSS works on youth projects to cater for youth who are early school leavers, by providing them with a pathway to a more constructive lifestyle and avenue to learn practical educational, work and life skills.

Our Employment Service Team has worked with OTSS since they opened their doors in 2010. During that time many of our jobseekers have been given the opportunity to take part and complete industry relevant training which has helped them on the journey back into the workforce. The willingness of OTSS to engage with the local community for the betterment of the local community is a shared value that Mission Australia certainly agrees with.
— Martyn Mann (Program Manager - Mission Australia Employment Services)