Our Employment Service Team has worked with OTSS since they opened their doors in 2010. During that time many of our jobseekers have been given the opportunity to take part and complete industry relevant training which has helped them on the journey back into the workforce. The willingness of OTSS to engage with the local community for the betterment of the local community is a shared value that Mission Australia certainly agrees with.
— Martyn Mann (Program Manager - Mission Australia Employment Services)
Outside the Square Solutions (OTSS) has been the Hospitality RTO of choice for Hobart City Mission since the opening of our café business in March 2015. The quality of training and support provided by Kirk Pinner and his team has been of a consistent high standard, and we’ve been able to benefit from his extensive industry knowledge and experience, whilst working with an organisation that shares the same community focused values as us. We would highly recommend OTSS to any employer looking for hospitality training for their employees.
— John Stubley (CEO – Hobart City Mission)
A key aspect that instills our confidence in programs conducted by OTSS is the open communication between our staff who have established a collaborative partnership. A good rapport has been established and have found them to be proactive with communicating in regards to attendance, progress, feedback and also enabling us to visit our participants at the courses which is not always possible with other education providers.
— Sonya Broomhall (Jobseeker Solutions Manager, Mission Australia)
Being a part of the Horticulture program really enabled me to get back on my feet, literally. Between the book work in the classroom and the physical work outdoor I was able to strengthen both my body and my mind. As a whole, our community really benefits from programs like these that are focused on helping young individuals to attain the skills they need to successfully study/work.
— Nicole Harding (Program Participant, Burnie)